-  Treat yourself with our carefully selected pads for happy feet - It is like walking on the clouds
-  Includes 4 pairs of cushions - thick for most shoes, thin for tighter shoes and heels
-  Relieve your ball of foot pain and enjoy walking again every day
-  Work, Run, Dance or do whatever you feel like and have every step of your way cushioned
-  Premium quality and perfect fit - soft and stretchable Medical Grade Silicon - easy to clean & reuse

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The Secret of Happy Feet

Experience immediate pain relief and start to protect your feet and treat your metatarsalgia right away!


Metatarsal Pad Set by Meditoes

Metatarsalgia is the name given to pain in the front part of your foot under the heads of your metatarsal bones - the ball of your foot. Metatarsalgia can be caused by a number of different conditions affecting the foot. You may need some investigations to find the cause of your metatarsalgia. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Simple measures such as changes to your footwear, rest and losing weight can sometimes help. While you are on the quest of finding the causes of your problems, we are here to make your quest painless!
- Cushion your every step
- Redistribute your bodyweight to relieve some of your pressure points
- Protect and comfort your ball of foot
Our pads are suitable for every day use. Whether you go to work, for a jog or hiking trip - our pads will be there to support your forefoot.
- All pieces can be comfortably worn under socks and in all kinds of footwear
- Made from medical grade soft silicon to perfectly adjust to shape of your feet
Note: We suggest carefully positioning the pad and putting a tighter fitting sock on to hold the pad in place and guarantee the best result


Contents (2 pairs each)

Metatarsal pads - thick
- Suitable for your work days when you stand on your feet a lot
- Take them for jog, hike, or whatever you feel like doing in your sport shoes
Metatarsal pads - thin
- Designed for use in tigher shoes and heels as they can easily fit in
Note: Gentle washing is advised after every use


We Guarantee

- PREMIUM QUALITY products, SECURE checkout and EXCEPTIONAL customer service
- 1 Year Warranty (Free No-Hassle Replacement)


Treat your Feet and own this Metatarsal Pad Set NOW!